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It's here!  Voron has created a brilliant nozzle probe mechanism as a drop-in replacement for the X-Carriage.

Tensor3D brings you a full Voron Tap kit with it's own flavor.

The kit includes our high quality SS304 BLACK fasteners, our SS440C black Linear Rail, and the V1 / V2 OptoTap PCB with presoldered sensor.

Tensor3D Voron TAP Kit
Type Part Material Quantity
Fasteners Heatset Inserts Brass 14
Fasteners M3 Hex Nut SS304 Blackened 3
Fasteners M3 Washer SS304 Blackened 8
Fasteners M3x20 SHCS SS304 Blackened 4
Fasteners M3x16 SHCS SS304 Blackened 4
Fasteners M3x12 SHCS SS304 Blackened 3
Fasteners M3x8 SHCS SS304 Blackened 5
Fasteners M3x6 SHCS SS304 Blackened 3
Fasteners M3x6 FHCS Alloy Steel 4
Fasteners M3x10 BHCS SS304 Blackened 4
Fasteners M3x6 BHCS SS304 Blackened 12
Electronics OptoTap PCB w/ Presoldered Sensor


Linear Rail 50mm MGN9 Rail + MGN9H Cartridge SS440C Blackened 1
Magnets 6x3mm N52 Round Magnet Black - N52 3

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