Tensor3D Voron High Performance Trident Motion Kit


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Tensor3D brings you the KING of all motion kits.  We have spared little expense in bringing you some of the highest quality products out there with this kit.

These kits are a solid upgrade from our standard motion kits with EPDM belts (Can withstand higher temperatures and are more robust) and ABEC7 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings (Smoother and Stronger).

Trident Motion Kit Contents
Part Qty
Gates LL-2GT-6-EPDM (6mm wide, Reinforced, EPDM) 6 meters
GT2 20T Pulley (6mm wide, 5mm bore) 3
GT2 20T Toothed Idler (6mm wide, 5mm bore) 2
F695-2RS Bearing - ABEC7Hybrid Ceramic
5x30mm Shaft 1
GE5C Spherical Bearing 3

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