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One of the primary concerns with material extrusion based 3D printing (commonly referred to as FDM or FFF) is speed. While FDM is certainly faster than hand sculpting an object, it is slower than some traditional manufacturing methods on a per part basis. This is especially true for large parts. A large print could take 48 hours or more for a 3D printer to complete, assuming that the print is completed correctly the first time, and no rework is required!

So why is FDM so slow? Answer: flow rate capacity (ability to melt and extrude filament fast enough) and kinematics (physical limitations of machine motion related to the mass of the print head). Previous attempts to overcome these limitations resulted in printing processes that traded quality and resolution for speed. Slice Engineering has eliminated that trade off through design by thermal optimization, simultaneously addressing the issues of flow rate, resolution, and mass.

Since entering the scene in 2018, Slice has led the global FDM industry in hotend technology development. The Magnum+™ hotend is the latest extension of the Mosquito® product line and is the first hotend designed from the ground up with industrial users and high flow needs in mind. Magnum+ is not just applying DIY techniques to extend the melt zone, but rather the development of an entirely new modality for high speed FDM printing, optimized around the melting characteristics of thermoplastics.

To put it bluntly, Magnum+ is the highest performing hotend on the market today. It i
ncludes all of the industry-leading benefits of the Mosquito® product line, such as Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology, a 500 °C temperature rating, ability to print all filaments from basic PLA to medical-grade PAEK, and the rigid roll cage structure that enables Slice's famous One-Handed Nozzle Change™.

Thermally Optimized:

  • Filament contacts the hot block directly for maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Enhanced structural strength, ideal for large format printers, and non-planar printing
  • Print PLA up to 88 mm3/s and ABS up to 91 mm3/s*
  • Boost speed without losing resolution† 
  • Tips the scales at just 30% heavier than a standard Mosquito, but with 3.5x the output


Filament diameter: 1.75

Cooling: Air Cooled

Heater Options: 50W, 100W or none included

Temperature Sensor Options: Single RTD pt1000 or none

Dimensions: 19.95 mm length x 25.1 mm width x 60 mm height

Weight: 75.3 g


Please note: Longer lead times should be expected. Orders are assembled and fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

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