Phaetus Rapido Hot End


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 We are proud to sell the new Rapido Hot End from Phaetus!  This is an all-in-one design with thermistor and heater integrated for a sleak design!

  1. New heatblock design features a larger melt zone to suit the demands of high speed and high temperature printing.
  2. Evenly heated thanks to cylindrical ceramic heating unit
  3. Integral frame rigid structure of titanium alloy screws makes lower heat conductivity possible, and realize the function of one-handed nozzle change.
  4. Thin-walled heatbreak, eliminating heat creep and clogging, while realizing an excellent thermal insulation.
  5. Unique structure design makes fast switching between high flow and ultra-high flow printheads possible.
  6. Interchangeable design of different types of nozzles suit the demands of high temperature and fiber filaments printing.

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