Voron Panel Kits - Voron V0.2 (ACM and PC)


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These panels were custom made for Tensor3D out of scratch/break resistant Polycarbonate and Aluminum Composite Material.

Polycarbonate Panels - Higher quality than the acrylic panels recommended in the BOM.  These are shatter/scratch resistant and come in either "Dark Smoke" or Clear.  They are 3mm thick and lazer cut to match the dimensions needed for each of the voron printers.

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Panels - Higher Durability than ABS and more temperature resistant / insulative.  They include 0.21mm thick aluminum with insulative foam in the middle.  These are meant to replace the Voron ABS/Coroplast panels and come in Pure Black or Bright White.  They are 3mm thick and are lazer cut to meet the dimensions needed for all voron printers.

Each set comes with a sticker adhesive on each pane, then wrapped in cling wrap, and packaged in a bubble package for ultra protection

For V0.2 the pc panel set comes with base AND top-hat.

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