B-Stock Frame Kits


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If you're looking for an incredible deal on a full frame set for your next Trident or 2.4, have I got a deal for you.

I ordered a bunch of frame sets, but the manufacturer produced the internal dimensions wrong. The width of the slot is nearly 13mm, height is nearly 4.8mm. Both too large to support normal T-Nuts.

I have designed a custom 3d printed "t-nut" which fits in the slot perfectly. It holds an m3 or m5 hex nut in the part, and acts just like a m3/m5 roll-in T-Nut, except that it doesn't roll-in. You need insert the printed part into your slots first, so it requires a bit of prep.

Also, while I think most of the pieces have the correct drills and taps, there may be a piece or two here and there without the tap on the end.


Add hex nuts here:


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